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Narrative and the Biocultural Turn

A cura di Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski, Vittorio Gallese
Introduction by Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski, Vittorio Gallese


Siri Hustvedt Pace (abstract)

Space and the Other in the Making of Fiction
Patrick Colm Hogan (abstract)
Affective Space and Emotional Time: Learning from Lǐ Bái (李白) and Lǐ Qῑngzhào

Guillemette Bolens (abstract)
Kinesis in Literature and the Cognitive Dynamic of Gestures in Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Cervantes
Alberto Casadei (abstract)
Poetry and Fiction: A Necessary, and Historically Verifiable, Combinaton
Marco Caracciolo (abstract)
A Walk Through Deep History: Narrative, Embodied Strategies, and Human Evolution
Daniel T. Lochman (abstract)
Textual Memory and the Problem of Coherence in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene
Ellen Spolsky (abstract)
Sent Away from the Garden? The Pastoral Logic of Tasso, Marvell, and Haley


Giorgio Agamben,
Che cos’è reale? La scomparsa di Ettore Majorana, Neri Pozza, Vicenza 2016 (Michela Bariselli)
Daniela Padularosa,
Denken im Gegensatz: Hugo Ball. Ikonen-Lehre und Psychoanalyse in der Literatur der Moderne, Peter Lang, Bern 2016 (Giulia Iannucci)
Don DeLillo,
Zero K, traduzione di Federica Aceto, Einaudi, Torino 2016 (Paolo Simonetti)

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